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Problem-oriented treatment planning, with use of digital technology to develop a database that can feed through to the treatment plan. Updated content on biomechanics to help you plan efficient use of modern orthodontic appliance systems. NEW skeletal anchorage techniques using bone anchors and mini screws. Chapters on adult treatment featuring the sequencing of multidisciplinary treatment, the new approach to lingual orthodontics, and a discussion of surgical vs.

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Full-color design includes hundreds of clinical photographs and illustrations with brighter, more engaging text and more demonstrative figures. Diagnosis and treatment planning chapters are revised to consider new paradigms to teach students and orthodontists how to apply the results of current research to their practice and treatment plans. Current technologies and advances in contemporary treatment provide clinicians with ways to make treatment planning and execution more efficient.

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Updated content on biomechanics gives clinicians ways to plan appropriate orthodontic appliance systems through which mechanotherapy is delivered using principles of forces. Updated information on mechanical devices, such as transplants, transpositions, implants, and temporary anchorage using mini screws, provide an understanding on how these devices can affect orthodontic treatment and what is available on the market to improve treatment outcomes.

Appliance chapters have been condensed to reflect only the most useful and contemporary materials. Chapters on treatment for adults have been rewritten to include new concepts in periodontics and new clinical cases with predictions and outcomes and discussion of surgical vs.

Early treatment chapters have been consolidated and new research included in the reorganization of content to make it consistent with the best data available in the literature. Every section of the book begins with a "section opener" to outline the main concepts discussed in that section. Skriv anmeldelse. Betal med gavekort her. Om Contemporary Orthodontics Now in full color, Contemporary Orthodontics, 4th Edition is a practical resource with a long tradition of excellence. ARKs anbefalinger.

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